Nielsen: Australian Online Landscape Review - September 2012

In this latest release for September 2012, Nielsen present the latest unique audience trends; including market statistics, gender demographics, top performing major categories, brands and sectors. The overall unique audience of 15.7 million online Australians was down 1.4% on August (due mainly to one less day in the month) with 39 billion page views and 27 billion minutes spent online.

In addition to the monthly update of the Australian Online universe and the latest ratings trends across major categories, this edition includes the following consumer spotlights:

The escalating use of mobile usage continued in September with Mobile Page views increasing to more than 308 million, an increase of 3% from August 2012 and 196% since October 2011.

Included in the September findings, VideoCensus revealed that a staggering 1.49 billion streams were viewed by Australians who on average spent almost five and a half hours viewing 127 streams. Interestingly, the Gen Ys (those aged 18 to 24) were by far the most engaged with video, spending the most time viewing content (an average of 11 hours), while the over 55s made up the biggest audience segment with 3.64 million. This generation however, spent the least amount of time viewing - on average just 2 minutes and 30 seconds; and were also the lowest for average number of streams (62 during September compared to 243 for Gen Ys ).