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Australian Online Landscape Review - August 2017

The digital landscape in August 2017 saw Australians spend 75 hours of surfing online per person across over 265 sessions per person, with 20,165,000 people actively surfing online.

Digital Video Monthly Universe - July 2017

81% of Australians aged 18+ (15.4m) are viewing 27 hr 31 mins per month on average.

Digital Video Monthly Universe - May 2017

82% of Australians aged 18+ (15.5m) are viewing 25hr 20mins of video per month on average.

Device Ownership and Trends - May 2017

As part of IAB Australia’s role in managing the digital audience measurement currency endorsement process, it is vital that there is continual tracking of macro digital device ownership and usage trends to ensure that our measurement systems are built to reflect the Australian population.

Australian Online Landscape Review - April 2017

The digital landscape in April 2017 saw Australians spend 65 hours surfing online across over 224 sessions per person, with 20,072,000 people actively surfing online.

Online Advertising Expenditure Q1 2017 - Infographic

Total online advertising spend continues to grow, with first quarter expenditure at $1.86 million, up 7.2 per cent year on year.


Sports in Digital Media Infographic

March saw 64% increase on time spent (vs Feb) on sports content supported by the start of the NRL and AFL Seasons.

Digital Fact Sheet - May 2017

Digital Fact Sheet summarising key points on the following topics:

  • Ad Revenue CY16
  • Viewability
  • Ad Blocking
  • Brand Safety
  • Invalid Traffic/Ad Fraud
Digital Online Landscape Infographic - Mar. 2017

Infographic snippet on the Digital Online Landscape March 2017.

Digital's Share of Entire Australian Market, CY 2016: Infographic and sources information table

Digital grew to 48.6% of the total Australia advertising market in calendar year 2016. 

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