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Affiliate Marketing: Australian Industry Review - Feb. 2018

The Australian Affiliate Marketing industry is in a period of growth, with seven in 10 advertisers who run affiliate programs stating they intend to increase their affiliate spend in the next 12 months.

The survey is based on responses from 102 advertisers and 20 agencies (on behalf of their clients) who are engaged in Affiliate Marketing.

Mobile Advertising Revenue & Usage Market Update - Apr. 2018

In this report the IAB Mobile Advertising Council has pulled together different pieces of IAB driven research looking at mobile advertising and media consumption in Australia to give an overview of the state of the industry in 2018.

Australian Online Landscape Review - March 2018

The digital landscape saw 20,405,000 people actively surfing online in March 2018, with Australians 18+ spending an average of 88 hours 41 minutes online per person.

Connected TV: Device Ownership & Usage - April 2018

As part of IAB Australia’s role in managing the digital audience measurement currency endorsement process, it is vital that there is continual tracking of macro digital device ownership and usage trends to ensure that our measurement systems are built to reflect the Australian population. This report takes a closer look at Connected TV ownership and usage, revealing how Australians prefer to consume intenet content on TV.

Creativity in Video Whitepaper - April 2018

Digital video continues to grow in Australia – in 2017 it exceeded the $1bn mark in ad revenue for the first time – and while there has been a strong focus on hygiene, platforms, tech standards and measurement, there isn’t enough focus on the creative process. So, IAB Australia’s Video Council worked on this whitepaper to help simplify the creative process for video, showcase best practise and appreciate video as a platform that behaves differently dependent on device.

Privacy Update & the GDPR: The Takeaways

The digital industry has a bigger responsibility than ever when it comes to handling and protecting consumer data, which is why IAB Australia hosted the Industry Update: Privacy & The GDPR event on April 11 2018. We called upon the acting Privacy Commissioner, Angelene Falk, as well as data experts from Gilbert + Tobin, Telstra, Google and REA Group, to shed some light on what the new laws mean for privacy in the Australian market.


Open Measurement SDK

The Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) is designed to facilitate third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to mobile app environments without requiring multiple ad verification service providers’ (Measurement Providers) Software Development Kit (SDK).

Australian Online Landscape Review - Feb. 2018

The digital landscape saw 20,405,000 people actively surfing online in February 2018, with Australians 18+ spending an average of 81 hours online per person.

Podcasting Measurement Technical Guidelines – Open For Comment

The IAB Australia Audio Council is currently reviewing Version 2 of the IAB US IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines released in late December 2017 and assessing suitability for endorsement in the Australian market. The previous version of the Guidelines was endorsed by IAB Australia in November 2016.

Audio Creative: Best Examples

Between podcasting, live streams and digital radio, audio is experiencing a boom. And along with listeners, advertisers are innovating and realising unique, digitally enabled methods to reach consumers in this incredibly personal space.

The IAB Australia Audio Council have compiled a series of examples to help explain what each of these advertising methods are across Streaming, Podcasting and Digital Radio. 

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