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Advertising through economic downturn

As Australians start to enjoy the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions lifting, the first real signs of the economic downturn are being revealed and marketers face some tough decisions as they navigate how to balance shorter-term sales expectations with brand communications that are critical for business success to ensure they remain competitive and in the best possible position through the economic trough and into recovery.

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AdTech Q&A: Identity, third-party cookies and rearchitecting advertising

Identity, third-party cookies and re-architecting advertising for the future

Identity in Digital Advertising remains a very hot topic for our members. With the usage of third-party cookies for retargeting, cross-site tracking and ad-serving being blocked by all major browsers by 2022, we are keen to review the potential ramifications of these changes and discuss whether this challenge for the industry can be an opportunity to significantly improve the way that digital marketing currently operates.

Data Governance & Consumer Privacy

This webinar is co-hosted by Ben Sharp (Regional Director - Data, Identity and Personalisation at Salesforce) with a presentation by privacy expert Anna Johnston, Principal, Salinger Privacy. It highlights key areas of focus for Australian marketers and publishers in relation to responsible data management, its governance and the ever-evolving requirements of consumer privacy in 2020.

IAB Australia Affiliate Marketing Handbook 2020

The purpose of the Affiliate Marketing Handbook is to provide a thorough exploration of the Australian affiliate landscape and to serve as a useful resource to both those who are new to this form of digital marketing, as well as anyone currently involved in it. 

AdTech Q&A: Evolution of Video through isolation & beyond

The evolution of Video Advertising through the current COVID-19 isolation period and beyond

IAB Australia recently released the Q1 2020 Online Advertising Expenditure Report, in which we can see that Video’s share of general display continues to increase – and now makes up 53% of this product category.

Hence we were keen to speak to some of our key council members about what they’re currently seeing in market in terms of consumer engagement metrics for digital video and if there are any interesting related trends, product and/or innovation opportunities that may persist or through 2020 and into 2021.

Responsible & Effective use of Data in Digital Marketing - Video and Deck

This webinar features IAB's Jonas Jaanimagi and Chris Durbridge, Head of Consumer Insights & Marketing Services at Equifax (a member of our Data Council), demonstrating best practices in using data responsibly and effectively in digital marketing with a focus on measurement, audience profiling and actioning.

Tech Q&A: Community Engagement during the Pandemic

How technology has enabled different communities to collaborate and genuinely engage online during COVID-19

Most publishers and platforms are currently experiencing dramatic growth in user activity during COVID-19. Hence, we wanted to get some insights from some of our council members that enable online communities on what topics are proving popular, if there are any unexpected shifts in conversations and how content creators and brands are engaging with these consumers.

We hope that you find this useful…

Device and Usage Report - March 2020

As part of IAB Australia’s role in managing the digital audience measurement currency endorsement process, it is vital that there is continual tracking of macro digital device ownership and usage trends to ensure that our measurement systems are built to reflect the Australian population.

The Role of Context Report - May 2020

The Role of Context: News Environments and Their Influence On Advertising 

It is well documented that news audiences are stronger and more engaged than ever and this exclusive report "The Role of Context: News Environments and Their Influence On Advertising" outlines the contextual influence of news websites during COVID-19 on advertising and outline how marketers can unlock context effects of different media environments.

The report is available to download below

Ad Tech Q&A: Creativity and Dynamic Optimisation

Effectively utilising creativity and streamlining dynamic optimisation during COVID-19


Following our recent COVID-19 Digital Ad Impact Study and the follow-up Q&A on managing brand safety in times of crisis we’ve had a lot of feedback on both the challenges and opportunities in relation to creativity during the ongoing lockdown period here in Australia.

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