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Nielsen Online Landscape Review - March 2015

Welcome to the March 2015 edition of Nielsen's Online Landscape Review. The online landscape in March saw Australians spend 37 hours online over 64 sessions; with 41 billion minutes spent online and 30 billion pages viewed.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - February 2014

Welcome to the February 2014 edition of Nielsen's Online Landscape Review.

Time online consuming video content via desktops increased by 13 minutes per active user during the month, with increases in total time online surfing non-video web content as well.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - November & December 2013

During December 2013, 15.7 million Australians were active online, a reduced number partly due to the Christmas period. On average, Australians spent 36 hours per person online across 60 separate internet sessions. Read more insights in the report.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - October 2013

During October 2013 there were 16.2 million Australians active online. They spent an average of 40 hours and 19 minutes per person (an increase of almost three hours on September 2013) across 63 browser sessions during the month.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - June 2013

With 17.2 million Australians accessing the internet during June 2013, spending an average of 37 hours online across 60 sessions, there's a great story to be told for the state of the online industry in Australia. Download the report to learn more.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - May 2013

This month's edition explains how Australia's overall unique online audience has reached 16.8m, with 33bn page views and 40bn spent online. During May, 13m Australians streamed online videos, each spending an average 6hrs and 49mins watching online video content and viewing 140 streams.

Nielsen: Online Landscape Review - December 2012

In this December 2012 edition, Nielsen share the latest unique audience trends; including market statistics, gender demographics, top performing major categories, brands and sectors. The overall unique audience of 15m online Australians was down 1% on November with 38bn page views.

Nielsen: Australian Online Landscape Review - April 2012

In this monthly update, Nielsen cover top line insights into the latest Nielsen Online Audience Ratings and trends across top performing website categories and brands.

Fairfax: Metro Media Audience Report - April 2012

The key theme of this month's report includes Fairfax Metro Media newspapers are successfully executing a strategy of focusing on sustainable and profitable circulation.

Nielsen: Australian Online Landscape Review Report – March 2012

Included in this report are valuable previews into the evolving online landscape, which is presenting consumers with new ways of doing old things, from shopping to watching TV.

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