February - March 2013 winner: Summer Games
Client: Wet 'n' Wild
Creative Agency: Visual Jazz Isobar
Campaign type: Microsite
Industry: Tourism

Campaign Information
Queensland's Gold Coast is a mass of theme parks and Visual Jazz Isobar's challenge was to make people loyal to just one - Wet 'n' Wild. To do this, they created The Summer Games.

Using NFC technology in a way previously not seen in theme parks, Visual Jazz Isobar turned a day out at Wet 'n' Wild into a competition where having fun was the only way to win. After choosing to be on either the Red or Blue team, each team member was given a NFC wrist band which enabled them to scan it at a specially created station to earn points and help lead their team to victory.

In just 10 days, the Summer Games achieved astonishing results, with 1 in 3 people returning to Wet 'n' Wild multiple times and the time spent in-park increased. Due to its success, this concept has now been adapted to Village Roadshow's other theme parks.

Judge's Comment
Great to see Wet 'n' Wild +1 with some gamification and make it even more fun.


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