March - May 2010 winner: Dance off 3D
Client: Jay Jays
Creative Agency: Visual Jazz
Campaign type: Microsite
Industry: Retail

Campaign Information
Jay Jays needed replacement for its 'traditional' catalogue so Visual Jazz came up with an entertainment-style piece that redefined the brand online, connected with customers, had talkability, and ultimately drove them in stores.

Dance Off 3D was an interactive 3D movie catalogue showcasing Jay Jays' latest designs and trends, with users being able to stop the action at any time and get all the information about what Jay Jays clothes dancers wore.

Judge's Comment
Tapping into the current obsession with all things 3D, this site takes a product catalogue and makes it entertaining. It's deceptively well executed too – it's simple, but the interface is well thought out and the whole thing feels polished.

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