December - February 2009 winner: Chunga
Client: Nestle KIT KAT
Creative Agency: RMG Connect Worldwide + JWT
Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia
Campaign type: Banners, microsite, podcast, rich media
Industry: FMCG

Campaign Information
The launch of Kit Kat Chunky Cookies and Cream was the first all-digital campaign run by a Nestle brand. The campaign centred around a new sport – "Chunga". Teenage boys were encouraged to 'Break the Boredom' using Kit Kat Chunky. A five-part mockumentary called 'Chunga-Struck' became the centrepiece of the campaign, providing a back story to this curious sport. The films recruited consumers for The Chunga Championship - a web based game where one could compete against their friends, other players in real-time and Hans Fagerlund - the games' greatest player (created by the brand) who was given his own presence on social media and gaming sites.
The campaign results were impressive with 58% of all Aussie teen boys online engaged with Hans; a total of 44,000 Chunga game plays and an average playing time of seven minutes.

Judge's Comment
'Chungering' comes to life with a carefully selected character and a well thought out content schedule in the right channels. Gameplay stats speak for themselves. Nice work.


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