December - February 2007 winner: Moonlight Charades
Client: Nissan
Creative Agency: TEQUILA DIGITAL
Campaign type: Microsites
Industry: Automotive

Campaign Information
This campaign was used to support Nissan's Moonlight Cinema sponsorship.

The Nissan brand positioning is all about SHIFT - doing things differently. So they created a promotion that reinforced this by shunning the traditional "tell us in 25 words or less" competition in favour of an entertaining brand experience, with a prize incentive at the end. Moonlight Charades was a movie quiz with a twist: players watched hand shadows in headlights acting out scenes from famous films and had to guess as many films as possible in the shortest time frame.

Judge's Comment
Genuinely engaging, simple and fun to play game. Using the car headlights as the 'projector' to illuminate the charades was a nice touch. And the idea of charades linked well to Moonlight Cinema.

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