September - November 2006 winner: The pen is mightier than the mouse
Client: Staedtler
Creative Agency: HOST
Media Agency: MATCH
Campaign type: Banners, microsites, viral
Industry: FMCG

Campaign Information
The banners featured pencils, highlighters and markers and as the user rolled over the banner with their mouse, the pen/highlighter/marker would give chase resulting in the them being mightier than the mouse!

In addition there was a website called 'Take Note' that allowed users to write a 'real' note to anyone they wished (anonymously or otherwise). Then, a fulfillment house would hand write the note and post it, along with a Staedtler pencil. Approximately 10,000 notes were sent, and was featured in the Good Weekend Magazine.

Judge's Comment
It's a well executed creative interpretation of the positioning, the site does it better than the ads, but the ads are well conceived and the art direction is strong.

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