Mobile Discrepancies 2013

Discrepancies are nothing new to the digital advertising marketplace. With so many different parties counting at different times in the ad delivery chain plus the variance in proprietary validation methods, counts will never be exactly the same all the time. Mobile discrepancies vary by campaigns and even placements within a campaign. Sometimes you will experience a close 5% difference while other times you many see a shockingly high difference of over 50%. Why such a difference? New technology is one the main drivers. This includes new technology from within the advertising industry such as new companies and products as well the innovation taking place in the marketplace with new devices and operations systems. The adoption of new tracking methods included device IDs and statistical IDs play a role as well. The mobile marketplace hasn’t had a chance to standardise the way the desktop marketplace has. Even so, there are common discrepancy causes for mobile campaigns that can be addressed today.


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