Fairfax Metro Mobile Research Study - October 2012

Summary of findings:

  • Smartphone penetration continues with half of the Australian population (12 million) currently using a smartphone - by 2015, it is expected that over three-quarters of the Australian population will be using a smartphone
  • Mobile internet usage is just as common while out and about as while relaxing at home with 68% of Fairfax Metro's mobile audience using the internet on their mobile at home, and 60% while commuting on public transport
  • Dual screening while using mobile internet is the norm with just under 40% of Fairfax Metro's smartphone audience use the internet on their phone while watching TV every day
  • News & weather still dominates as the most viewed content on a smartphone with at least 80% of Fairfax Metro's mobile audience accessing news content on their mobile (81% female; 92% males)
  • The Fairfax Metro smartphone audience actively engage their mobile device in the path to purchase

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