Microsoft Advertising & Synovate: Young Adults Revealed - The Lives and Motivations of the 21st Century Youth

Young Adults Revealed is a ground-breaking new study that has torpedoed many of the myths surrounding young adults and uncovered a thoughtful, complex generation concerned above all with their stability and security. In doing so, it has called into question many of the assumptions that have governed youth-focused marketing solutions over the past decade.

The in-depth international study from research agency Synovate's OnePointNine division reveals a generation that shuns many of the revolutionary ideals of baby boomers, and young people who resemble their grandparents.

Developed in association with Microsoft, the study users an online panel of over 12,000 18 to 24 years old respondents drawn from 26 countries worldwide. Youth experts and sociologists ion the different countries are used to provide perspective and commentary on the findings.

Source: Microsoft Advertising