Marketing Mag: 4 reasons to look at in-stream video advertising now


Few of us need a fortune teller to know that in-stream video advertising is hot right now, and getting hotter.

Worldwide, around 200 billion videos are watched online every month, reaching a global audience of 1.2 billion people, according to comScore. In Australia, spend on video advertising grew 31% year in 2011 to $43.7 million, compared to sluggish display advertising growth of only 4%, according to the IAB. Moreover, that growth is expected to more than quadruple to $200 million by 2014.

For advertisers still weighing the pros and cons of online video advertising, here are four facts to consider:

1. Users are 200 times more likely to click on in-stream ads vs. standard banners
2. 70% of in-stream video ads play all the way to the end
3. Video ads work particularly well for brand advertisers
4. Online video watching is growing rapidly and globally four billion videos are viewed every day