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Solving Marketers' Cross-Channel Conundrum - Radium One White Paper in association with IAB Australia

Marketers have a cross-channel digital conundrum because the consumers they want to connect with distribute their attention across devices and channels. They use the regular web, the mobile web, and mobile apps. Anywhere they can engage with social media and digital video, they do. Plus, for many marketers, the same consumers they're connecting with online and in-app, they're also connecting with through email, marketing automation and customer service.

IAB/ second annual State of the Video Industry Report - Oct 2014

The second annual State of the Video Industry Report shows that, on top of an already strong market that grew 78 percent last financial year, buyers intend to increase their spend by 37 percent in the coming year. Most of the expenditure has been deflected from other channels, particularly free-to-air TV and print.

IAB Australia Digital Workflow Best Practice guidelines 2014

Oct 2014: The IAB Australia Standards and Guidelines Council has reviewed and updated the IAB Australia Digital Workflow Best Practice first published in 2012. In addition to updated workflows for standard and custom campaigns, the council have added a document outlining the process for a programmatic environment.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - September 2014

The September 2014 edition of Nielsen's Online Landscape Review is here, further exploring Australia's online behaviour. The online landscape in September saw Australians spend 37 hours online over 64 sessions; with nearly 39 billion minutes spent online with 30 billion pages viewed.

Ooyala Global Video Index Q2 2014

The latest edition of the Ooyala Global Video Index looks at if viewing might be affected by changes in weather; how mobile continues to gobble up online video share at an incredible rate; and how tablets are long-form engagement machines, with 70% of viewing time now spent on videos of 10 minutes or longer.


Nielsen Online Landscape Review - August 2014

The online landscape in August saw Australians spend 37 hours online over 61 sessions; with nearly 32 billion minutes spent online with 32 billion pages viewed.

IAB/Nielsen Mobile Panel Pilot Data - July 2014

IAB Australia and Nielsen have released the third round of mobile panel data for July 2014 from their pilot project tracking 1,500 Australian smartphone and tablet users. The accurate measurement of mobile media time means that the industry now has a clear picture of the amount of time Australian consumers spend across screens.


IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure Report FY 14 - June

TV Advertisers embrace digital video as total online advertising expenditure surges towards $4.5bn.

IAB Australia Online Traffic Fraud White Papers

Advertisers expect that all online content is viewed by human audiences - real consumers who have the potential to buy a product or service. That is not always the case. The interactive advertising industry is plagued by an increasing level of illegal activity, known as traffic fraud, which is used by criminals to exploit the system and get paid for fake, non-human traffic

Cars That Feel

'Cars That Feel' is an interactive installation created with Toyota for this year's VIVID festival in Sydney.

 Agency:  SOAP Creative
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