Australian Universal Ad Package Guidelines (UAP) 2013

The objective of the IAB Universal Advertising Package (UAP) Guidelines is to update the Australian industry-agreed standards for online advertising placements including rich media. The guidelines are intended for marketers, agencies and media companies involved in the creation, planning, buying and selling of online advertising and represent an attempt to bring the industry in-line with the creative demands of all advertisers.

The IAB goal is to simplify the simplify the media creation and buying process by making these new guidelines easily accessible, adoptable and understandable, deliver operational efficiencies, and drive growth for both standard and rich media formats without compromising creativity.

The standard ad units represent the most commonly bought ad unit, while rich media is defined as ads which utilise additional video, animation or interactive elements beyond those achievable in a standard display ad.

These guidelines have been developed based on the following considerations:

  • Input from the IAB Standards and Guidelines Council with representation across Publishers, the Media Federation of Australia, The Communications Council and Media Agencies;
  • Feedback from the broader industry;
  • A review of existing international IAB UAP ad standards; and
  • Australia’s current internet connection speeds.



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