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08:00AM - 09:00AM | Registration & Welcome

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Registration Opens

08:45AM - 09:00AM

Opening Comments

 Nicole Sheffield - CDO, News Corp & IAB Chair

09:00AM - 09:25AM

Understanding brand impact and performance at all stages of the conversion funnel

Monique Macleod - Acting CMO, Commonwealth Bank

09:25AM -

Total Audience Measurement - Are We There Yet?

Jessica Hogue - SVP, Product Leadership, Nielsen

There have been major developments locally and globally in digital audience measurement and cross media measurement over the last 12 months. Jessica, a global product lead from Nielsen will discuss innovation for digital text, video and audio measurement and what this means for total audience measurement and how this is changing how media is bought and sold.

10:00AM - 10:40AM

Stream 1:

Australia’s Digital Measurement Report Card


Jessica Hogue, SVP, Product Leadership, Nielsen

Nicole Sheffield, CDO, News Corp

John Miskelly, CDO, Group M

Monique Perry, Head of Media Industry Group, Nielsen


Gai Le Roy, Director of Research, IAB Australia

Australia continues to be a leader digital measurement with the introduction of Digital Content Ratings. Industry leaders discuss the current state of play.

Stream 2:

Native Advertising - How can engagement not be the most valuable metric?


Sarah Wyse, CRO, Allure Media

Susie Bayes, Brand Partnerships Director, Guardian Australia

Gabriela Martinez, Brand Strategy Manager, APAC, BuzzFeed


Sarah Keith, MD, Publicis Media Exchange

As more dollars are invested native and branded content opportunities, brands need  to develop new ways of assessing this activity within their larger marketing plans. This session will outline and review different ways to assess different types of native advertising.

10:40AM - 11:00AM | Coffee & Networking

11:00AM - 11:40AM

Stream 1:

Cross Media Measurement - Currency Exchange


Doug Peiffer, CEO, OzTAM

Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia

Brendon Cook, CEO, oOh! Media

Gai Le Roy, Director of Research, IAB Australia


Justin Papps, Director, CMO Advisory, PwC

In a world where media habits are changing rapidly and lines are blurring between media formats how can currency data stay relevant. Representatives from digital, TV, outdoor and radio industries will discuss the current state of cross media measurement in Australia and overseas.

Stream 2:

Measuring Impact


Rebecca Tos, CEO, Columbus, ANZ

Peter Horgan, CEO, Omnicom Media Group, ANZ, MFA Chair

Melina Cruickshank, Chief Editorial & Marketing Officer, Domain

Anneliese Douglass, Head of Media & PR, Unilever, ANZ


Vijay Solanki, CEO, IAB

What is best practice when measuring impact across different types of media activity? Hear how agencies and marketers are assessing their digital and cross media campaigns. What are the missing pieces of the puzzle?


11:45AM - 12:15PM

Stream 1:

Improving the Ad & Consumer Media Experience 

Tim Whitfield, Director Technical Operations, GroupM

Tim will present data and recommendations on how the industry can take action to optimise & improve the quality of ad inventory available in market and at the same time improve the consumer experience.

Stream 2:

The Halo Effect: what qualities drive higher advertising effectiveness

Ben Martin, Global Marketing Insights Director, comScore (UK)

What role does contextual environment play on branding effectiveness for advertisers? comScore will present data on the impact that different media environments can contribute to the success of your brand spend.

12:20AM -

Stream 1:

Ad Tech & Measurement  - Improving the health of  digital supply chain


Laura Quigley, Sales Director, IAS

Andrew Rudd, Head of Analytics APAC, Experian

Braden Clarke, Head of Audience Solutions & Automated Trading, REA Group

Sarah Melrose, Programmatic Director, Ikon


Jonas Jaanimagi, Executive Consultant, IAB

Ensuring that accurate and meaningful 3rd party measurement data from research and technology companies can be integrated into the digital ad supply chain is an important step in accurate assessment of digital inventory.

Stream 2:

Prove It - What Does and Doesn't Work In Digital Advertising


Howard Seccombe, CDO, Roy Morgan Research &
Anthony Maguire, Product Manager, Telstra

Lawrence Puang, Media Lead, Quantium

Sarah Wilcox, Client Director, Kantar

Ben Millar, Digital Director, Ebiquity


Ed Harrison, CEO, Yahoo7

Leading research and data companies each give 5 rules for effective & efficient digital media spend based on actual aggregated campaign and market data.

01:00PM - 01:45PM | Networking Lunch

01:00PM - 01:45PM

Workshop: Best Commercial Use of Measurement Data

Led by Heather White - Head of Audience Insights, News Corp
& Lamberto Di Gioia - Director of Strategy & Insights, Seven West Media

The launch of Nielsen & IAB Australia’s daily ratings is a world first – measuring digital audiences across text, video and audio on a daily basis will provide the market with rich people based measurement. This session will provide information on how to make the most of this data set and rich insights on consumer behaviour across digital devices.

01:50PM - 02:20PM

Rethinking Digital - How Can Digital Contribute to My Brand Strategy?

Gonzalo Fuentes - Global CEO, Media & Digital Practice, Kantar Insights

How should brands adapt to the digital ecosystem? This is the wrong question. It should be how can the digital ecosystem contribute to my brand strategy? Global media lead for Kantar Millward Brown will outline how brands can effectively implement their brand strategy across media channel based on data from thousands of campaigns.

02:25PM - 03:05PM

Stream 1:

How Digital Advertisers Can Effectively Measure Lifetime Customer Value & Use It as Their Primary KPI

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau - Chief Search Evangelist, Google

Short-term thinking yields short-term results. For brands to understand the long-term value of their customers, they need to rethink their audience targeting strategies.

Stream 2:

Know When to Art, Know When to Science

Brent Smart, CMO, IAG

Willem Paling, Director Media & Technology, IAG

This talk details IAG’s journey of balancing art and science, how we managed the tension, and how we are working to implement a strong programme of scientific measurement and deliver high-impact creative campaigns.

03:05PM - 03:25PM | Coffee & Networking Break

03:25PM - 04:05PM

Stream 1:

Total Video


Hayley Cameron, Digital Commercial Manager, SBS

Nathan Powell, Director of Digital Ad Product, Nine

Rahul Ashtana, Regional Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark

Sarah James, CDO,  Carat


Simon Canning

Cross screen video buying is increasing - this session will discuss real examples of digital, connected TV and linear TV measurement and effectiveness.

Stream 2:

Marketers Masterclass


Brent Smart, CMO, IAG

Danielle Uskovic, Head of Digital & Social Asia Pacific, Lenovo

Madeline Wong, Digital Marketing Lead, Carnival Australia

Zoe Hayes, Senior Marketing Manager, Berlei


Vijay Solanki, CEO, IAB Australia

Marketers present learnings from recent media activity & how they intend to modify their spend in future. What has worked for their organisations and more importantly what hasn’t worked.

04:10PM - 04:40PM

Stream 1:

Digital Audio Audiences

Benjamin Masse, MD Market Development Strategy, Triton

Benjamin Masse will present an insightful presentation on digital audio audience in Australia, including a never-before-seen comparison of scale and listening habits as it relates to the US.  Citing exclusive data from Triton’s MRC accredited audience measurement platform, Webcast Metrics®, Benjamin will provide an overview of the standard in digital audio measurement in the U.S., along with the targeting and attribution capabilities that fuel the efficacy and high return of the medium.

Stream 2:

Closing the Loop - From Media Exposure Thru to Sales

Kelli Nardis - Marketing Science Analytics & Partnerships Manager, Facebook

Like Hansel & Gretel, consumers leave a digital trail with everything they see and do online; presenting marketers with more information but ever more responsibility for deciding what matters specifically to them. For offline businesses, the big challenge to work through is in being able to link the digital crumbs to offline behaviours.

Facebook’s Kelli Nardis explores what is around the corner for marketers globally & locally when it comes to true accountability and building a fuller picture of consumer behaviour.


04:45PM - 05:10PM

Native Discovery: Driving and Measuring Results for all Points of the Customer Journey

Yaron Galai, CEO & Founder, Outbrain

Today, all marketers are performance marketers. In fact, the only difference between what we call performance marketing and branding is the patience in which they expect the conversion to happen. In this talk, Yaron Galai will discuss some of the ways that marketers are beginning to measure the success of their awareness-driven native advertising efforts from measuring search queries to moving away from reach metrics.

05:10PM - 05:20PM

Closing Comments

05:30PM - 07:30PM | Drinks Reception

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